WDI Inspection

Why do you need a WDI inspection?

Most of the houses in the United States of America are built using wooden structures and strong beams made with timber, high cost involved in building large buildings with bricks is the primary reason why the USA started building houses with timber when it comes to cost timber are available at a much lower price range and also provides strong foundations with long-lasting quality.

The first and foremost reason for getting a WDI inspection is to know if your house structure and interiors are sound and safe from Rots. While buying a house or selling a house, wood destroying insect inspection report plays a significant role in assessing the value of the house structure. In many cases, these reports are mandatory by federal law. If you are buying a house through housing and urban development financing, then it is made mandatory to submit the wood destroying insect inspection report to avail of the loan.

What information does a wood destroying insect inspection provide?

The report furnishes a detailed status of the presence or absence of termites, wood-boring beetles, and carpenter ants that destroys wooden properties in your house, this becomes vital information while deciding if the structure of the house can last for the expected period.

Even if the termites or other insects are not alive within the structure when there is an infection or a potential infestation the wood destroying insect inspection report will suggest the need of treatment.

Thus a WDI inspection helps in taking necessary actions against those rots which can potentially damage the wooden structure of the house. A wood-destroying insect inspection might actually save your foundation at the right time, without which you may have to spend a lot of money on repairing the damages caused by these insects.

Who performs a wood-destroying insect inspection?

A state-certified professional or a State certified inspection agency can do the process for you, usually, these professionals are a part of the state-certified inspection agencies. while the primary objective remains the same, you will also get to know about the possibilities of termite attacks or any other rot attacks in the future.

An in-depth inspection will reveal the weaker areas prone to such attacks, you will be able to get the expert opinion on safety measures to prevent wood-destroying insects.

What are the wood destroying insect attacks which are hard to uncover?

Inspecting the termite damages is the hardest part of WDI inspection. termites are basically sensitive to air, cold weather, and light, termites can intrude in your wooden furniture or possibly your foundations without damaging the whole exterior, it tends to eat away the inner portion of the wood, which means till the time it completely destroys the wood you will not be able to identify the infestation.

Most importantly, the damages on the foundations may not be visible and require a professional WDI inspection to reveal the infestation.

Can you do it yourself?

In all fair chances, it is impossible to conduct such an inspection thoroughly and successfully. As I already said, WDI inspection will be done by a state-certified expert, even a most experienced person might not possess the expertise and knowledge about the insects that destroy wood, several aspects of inspections need to be studied theoretically and practically, that is the major reason behind the requirement of WDI inspection report from a professional.
Preventive measures for dry wood termites:

Cracks, Joints, and tiny gaps in the exteriors of your house are the major access for termites, make sure you seal it properly. Painting the exteriors, foundations and attics can prevent termite attacks to a great extent. Annual WDI inspection can help you protect your house from termites effectively. Don’t forget to remove any unused or unwanted wood-like firewood or fallen branches of trees around your house.

Preventive measures for Carpenter Ants:

Carpenter ants can reach your house structure easily from the nearby trees, cut down the branches which touch your house’s structure. Water leaks on roofs and moisture on the foundation should be repaired as soon as you see one, those are the easiest way for carpenter ants to enter your house.

How to treat infested furniture?

Wood borers are a serious problem for wood structure and furniture, if any of your furniture has an infestation, there is a high probability that it can be passed on to your house’s structure. Early treatment can help you avoid economical damages.

Using a certified insecticide should be the first approach towards infestation. Place it outside your house in the sun’s heat, it can easily destroy those tricky little creatures. Seek professional help if you don’t see any improvements.

Powder-post Beetles attacks:

Powder-post beetles are faster than termites and carpenter ants, it makes holes on the surface or inside the tiny gaps of the wooden structure or furniture. Detecting the powder-post beetles can be challenging if the attack is at the backsides of the furniture which is kept close to the wall, covered areas of structures and foundations.

Only a WDI inspection can help to find the powder-post beetles, if at all you find any potential infestation don’t hesitate to call a professional to treat it. Paying a small fee to the professional is way better than letting the damage grow.


Conducting a WDI inspection is mandated for buying a house, there are many agencies which require such a report to underwriting loan applications and insurance proposals. On top of this, you should track the presence or absence of wood-destroying insects to protect the foundation and structure of your house. Infestations on furniture also to be inspected to maintain its longevity, damages on the structure can be treated just by replacing the affected wood, but the damage on furniture sometimes cannot be treated, you may have to throw away your expensive furniture with regret.

Taking preventive measures or treating a termite infestation becomes easy and effective with the expert advice, treatment and preventive measures need proper insecticide and some equipment depending on the size of the damage, while conducting a WDI inspection you can get these tips from the professional, there are separate services to treat the termite attacks which doesn’t cost too much.

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