"Green" Treatments

The Concern

Pests are often a problem that many people believe can only be taken care of through the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides, but this assumption is not true. There are many reasons why you may be wary about using these “normal” pesticides in your home or yard.

If your children or pets spend lots of time outside where chemicals will be sprayed, there are legitimate concerns that you might have. Or if you are simply more conscious about the environment and how you are impacting the flora and fauna around you, you may also be looking for different options. Many chemicals could be potentially harmful if you don’t take proper time and care before entering an area where they were used. Our technicians will be sure to inform you about any such dangers regardless of what kind of pest control you decide on.

The Plant Solution

Although chemical pesticides are very common, they are not the only option!

Many of the plants common to our environment have properties that can act as a natural treatment for pests. For example, garlic oil and cedar oil have been shown to be effective pest deterrents and they are completely natural. These oils are very effective against typical pests and can be used as an alternative to many harsher chemicals.

If you are interested in green-friendly pest control, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you to find a suitable option to help you get rid of pests naturally.

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