*Clean is King

Any conversation about pest prevention should begin with sanitation. Food scraps attract while non-food “clutter” serves to harbor unwanted pests in your dwelling. Dust and dirt also present attractions to mites and other insects that no one should have to share space with. These pests are also known to affect our health by aggravating asthma and allergies.

One commonly overlooked attractant to bugs is water or moisture. When allowed to stand overnight this enables insects to meet a basic need of hydration helping them increase their population in your home.

*Access Denied

Many a bug infestation has been prevented by denied of entry. Amazingly, 35% of structures investigated are inadequately sealed so as to keep pests outside of homes and buildings. Areas to keep in mind are windows, doors, exhaust vents, utility access points, and cracks in exterior or interior walls.


Windows not properly installed are frequently portals for a variety of bugs especially ants. Cracked glass while an obvious safety hazard may become a passage for insects if not adequately sealed.

Energy conscious people associate the need for weather-stripping and door-sweeps around doors to protect interior air temperature. An added benefit of these products is their ability to prohibit critters from passing into your home. Some mice are actually able to crawl through spaces as small as 1/4”. There is a plethora of products available today which enable the basic handyman to take care of many of these problems personally.


Attics are commonly accessed by pests and rodents. Check your vents and utility access points around your roof and eves to make sure they are not compromised.


Chimneys are great for getting the smoke where it should be but when the fire goes out it can be a highway for trouble. All kinds of not-so-great characters can end up in your great room if that handy screen cap is blown off or lifted up from the top of your chimney. A qualified professional can help with the inspection and repair of this frequently ignored point of ingress.

*Furniture Fortresses

Ever wonder why those box springs, sectionals, love seats and ottomans have those simple, cheap fabric covers underneath? If you’ve ever taken the opportunity to look on the other side of these barriers, you already know. Behind the “curtain” lies a cavernous void of hardware and cushion that can double the surface area of the piece, affording spiders and virtually any other insect all the more room to live, move and breed. Paying attention to this barrier and keeping it intact will greatly reduce their hiding places.

Considered rearranging your furniture? If you haven’t reordered your living spaces in decades you might be surprised what you would find behind that dresser in the corner or under the headboard of the bed. Rearranging furniture reveals seldom touched areas that may harbor bugs or dust and hairballs that house and attract them.

>>>By addressing these aspects of keeping the house on a regular basis, a foundation for successful pest control is established!

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