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We begin with an initial pest control service that includes a complete inspection of the interior of your home. You will also receive a thorough termite inspection throughout the interior of your home at this time. Our meticulous process of inspection and assessment often leads us to find valuable clues that aid us in addressing your issues as effectively as possible. We will rid you of the pests you see and any hidden pests you didn’t even know you had.


Our next step is to move outdoors to the perimeter of the dwelling, where we will inspect for any outside or exterior evidence of intrusion and infestation. Our comprehensive exterior treatment program offers an extra layer of protection and is a normal part of every visit we make. It is important to stop outside pests before they even think about coming inside, and we make it our priority to accomplish this task at absolutely no extra cost to you!

Regular pest control is important because ants, spiders, and other small bugs and rodents will find a way to get into even the cleanest of homes if left untreated. All it takes is a small opening of just a fraction of an inch. We take a proactive approach by creating a perimeter barrier around your home to help keep all unwanted pests out.

We will treat your property on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on your needs, wants, budget, and preferences.

At any time, if you happen to need us in between treatments, we’re just a phone call away. It’s our priority to make sure that our clients are completely 100% happy with our service. We’ll continue to work until you’re fully satisfied. It’s part of our Sniper Protection Guarantee.

We know that everyone is working with a different budget. We also realize that pests can happen to anyone! Because of that, we are pleased to be able to offer all of our clients the option of flexible payment plans. We have payment plans that will enable you to pay monthly, quarterly, or at a discounted yearly rate. And remember that we always guarantee your satisfaction. What that means is that we will not charge you again if we have to make another visit to fix your problem.

Our Quarterly or Monthly Plans Include:

  • Inspection: You’ll get an on the spot comprehensive investigation of both the interior and exterior of your home and property.

  • Assessment: We will present you with an easy to understand, concise description of your needs with our proposed solutions.

  • Monitoring: Our customer satisfaction guarantee means that we’ll provide you with ongoing care and analysis so you don’t have to worry about costs on top of your Pest Control Plan fee.

  • Cutting edge products: We are constantly in the process of field testing all of the latest and greatest pest control products with the ultimate goal of balancing cost and superior results.

  • Proactive treatment plans: We believe in acting quickly and often times even before pest problems have become a nuisance. This fast and smart approach means we fix minor problems before they become disasters.

  • Results: Your pest problem(s) WILL be solved, and you can rest assured with the comfort of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

**Please note that certain pest solutions, such as wildlife removal, bed bug treatment, termite removal, and treatment for fleas and ticks may only be offered in specific areas. At times an additional inspection and/or charges may be required. We will always notify you ahead of time if any of these situations apply to you.

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