Our Subterranean Termite Treatment:

1. Sniper performs an absolutely free inspection to determine if your home has termites and would be eligible for our treatment. If termites are discovered during this inspection, we will treat your home to quickly eliminate termites at no additional cost.

2. Our trained technicians create a trench in the soil and carefully drill through slab areas around the perimeter of your home. We then apply a highly effective liquid treatment solution. If budget is an issue an area specific to the infestation can be treated for a lesser rate but there are no guarantees with these “spot treatments.”

3. The treatment solution eliminates subterranean termites as they forage through treated soil and prevents them from infesting your home.

4. If you choose our Continued Protection Termite Plan then we continue to annually inspect your home for new termite activity. If we find anything, you’re covered against treatment costs.

Our Termite Continued Protection Plan:

For as long as you keep your plan, you are covered against potential re-infestations. Each year, Sniper performs an inspection as part of your plan’s renewal to confirm your home is still termite-free. If termites are discovered during this inspection, we will treat your home to quickly eliminate termites at no additional cost and you’re covered against the treatment costs. You will have the peace of mind that your home is termite-free!

A Great Preventative Option:

A termite program that is gaining popularity in the pest control world is Termite Bait Programs. This system is less intrusive than others and is accomplished with the use of monitoring stations, baits, and pesticides on an as-needed basis. Low profile reusable canisters are employed for monitoring and chemical application for years of termite control.

The Plan:
Phase I

A perimeter is established. Monitoring stations are buried in the ground forming a perimeter at ten-foot intervals. These stations contain bait that lures termites in for a meal. Stations are checked periodically. If no sign of termites, no problem. If termites are observed the next phase of the program is engaged.

Phase 2

The termites are already accustomed to the location of the bait. Now they are served up a non-detectable pesticide that will be dutifully carried back to the emerging colony. Soon, the immediate threat will be eliminated as the queen and her minions are finished off taking their appropriate place at the end of the cycle of life.

Phase 3

While the termites are done, the work of the termite bait system is ongoing. All the stations are now refilled with bait and checked regularly, as in phase I. While on our termite bait station plan, you have the peace of mind knowing your home or business is protected with minimal chemical exposure.


Sniper offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. If you’re not completely happy with our services, we will continue to make adjustments until you are satisfied or we will refund the cost of your last service.

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