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We’re out here this morning looking at some termite activity. It’s helpful to know what to look for when you’re walking around your house, inside or out to know whether you’re having indications or not. If you see something on your foundation resembling a dirt tunnel or formation like this, it’s quite possible it could be termites. One way to tell is just by investigation.

In this particular case, we had investigated a few days back and disturbed the tube, and the customer said within a couple of hours the termites had rebuilt the tube that we had destroyed. You can see here, this is the old termite area, and this fresher looking dirt is the tube they repaired.

They were clearly very excited to get into this house, otherwise they would have just plugged it and gone elsewhere. What you can do, if you see this at your house, is break it open. You can see on the end of the knife there’s a white larvae-looking insect, that’s your termite. You can see what crawling back into the house there. You may notice that they can squeeze into even the smallest cracks and crevices.

If you find that, and you find out you have termites, you know it’s something you need to address and don’t need to ignore. They are subterranean, that’s why they’re down in the soil, but they come up for food – which is the wood in your house or in your yard. If you need termite inspections Fort Worth, call us today.

In this case, you can see we did a spot treatment in a 10-foot area. We will continue to treat that and hopefully we’ll solve the problem

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