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Termite Prevention and Control

Every year, homeowners in Fort Worth, Texas, are faced with the decision of whether or not they should take preventive measures and protect their homes from termite damage. Termite season is a time when homeowners need to educate themselves about the threat of termites. However, even if you do not have a termite problem now, it can be difficult to tell if your home has been infested. This post will highlight what you need to know about termite inspection and control services in Fort Worth, Texas, and how to start taking preventive actions today.

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Signs of Termite Infestations and
The Risks Associated With Them

Hollowed Out Wood

Hollowed-out wood is one of the most telltale signs of termite infestations. Termite workers eat away at the soft parts of wood, leaving behind a hollowed-out shell. Visually inspect all parts of your home for any signs of hollowed-out wood, such as in window and door frames, siding, and roof beams.

Flying Swarms of Insects

Termites will swarm when they are looking for a new place to start a colony or ready to move into a new home that other termites have invaded. Swarming usually occurs in the early morning or late afternoon between April and June.


Termites are attracted to moisture and water, so if there's dampness in your home, you may have termite infestation issues. You should dry out any damp areas around your home as soon as possible to prevent further damage from termites.

Red Ants

Red ants are another sign of termite infestation problems found in attics and crawl spaces. If you find a red ant, you should have it exterminated immediately.

Black Spots On The
Woodwork Or Furniture

Termite infestation results in damage to wood, not only making it uneven but also leaving black colored spots resulting from the food they left on your walls while they were eating, or that has gotten into cracks and remained there to dry and rot as they return later to pick up some more food. These droppings can occur throughout households wherever one has seen dampness stains on walls –especially basement areas and around bathtubs.

Cracks and Dents In The
Wall or Roof

Termites can infest a property by entering through a crack or hole in the wall, ceiling, or roof. If you notice cracks, you should have them fixed immediately. If you notice dents and holes in the ceiling, have it fixed as soon as possible.

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How To Prevent Termites


Clean Surroundings

Keep your home tidy. Pests hate a messy place. If there is nothing to eat, how could they? Also, keep your food stored in a tightly sealed container and avoid leaving any exposed food residue before going to bed at night. One great way of preventing a termite infestation is storing your food properly.


Install Screens

Protecting the walls surrounding your house is vital because termites usually travel along the walls. Anything in the way of the path will be destroyed and then munched on by these hungry bugs, causing further damage to their colonies as well as yours! Install screens over all openings like non-installing windows and vents and never leave gaps on floors and staircases because wooden surfaces are good breeding spots for termites.


Use Termite Bait Station

You should know that chemicals won’t do much since they will easily identify these through their extremely advanced biology systems. Termites are highly immune to most pesticides, so it’s best if you skip putting them adorning all around the house. The best out of the others is Termite bait stations which you can buy from online stores. You can fill a syringe with water and inject it into the little holes dead center in the surveillance stations. Doing so will attract most weaker insects for feeding, notifying them of another food source inside the house. The poison, which is much more concentrated than what is available in chemical exterminators, is strong enough to kill these birds from the inside out.

Struggling With Termites... Call Sniper

If you suspect your property is infested with termites, you won’t want to wait to take care of the problem. At Sniper Pest Control we do everything from termite inspections to interior and exterior termite treatments Fort Worth.

Sniper Is Here To Help

Many different pests in the world can invade your home, but termites are among the worst. These pesky insects can cause severe damage to your property and make it hard to sell or rent out. When they’ve invaded, it’s time to call our pest control company. Here at Sniper Pest Control, we offer various services for your home and yard, including both residential and commercial. We will work with you from regular inspections to termite extermination services to provide a pest-free environment for your family and business. Our licensed technicians are highly trained in various termite extermination methods, so when you’re dealing with a pest infestation, don’t hesitate to contact us since we can spray the terminates on monthly or quarterly plans.

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