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Bait boxes can be tricky if you’re unsure of the best plan of action to take care of your rodent problem. To begin, make sure you always wear rubber gloves when handling a rodent control bait box to avoid exposure to the poison and to decrease how much of your scent gets on the bait box.

​The first box shown in the video is an Aegis Brand. These particular bait boxes have a low profile and do a good job of allowing rodents in while keeping pets and children away from the poison. When using a bait box, be sure that the poison is secured inside of the bait box using some form of thick wire or another mechanism to hold it in place in case the box gets turned over. Because of this, we typically don’t recommend this type of bait box.

The second box shown is our top recommended! The Evo Express is constructed a lot better than most other bait boxes. It has concrete within the box, which keeps it from moving or turning over, and has a good locking feature and four spikes inside that hold up to eight baits. Additionally, this box allows space to hide a trap within the box to more quickly get rid of rodents, while still locking and protecting pets and children from the poison inside.

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