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For centuries rodents have been dwelling right alongside human civilization on their garbage or whatever other water and food resources were available. They are capable of spreading disease and destroying food resources. They are very prolific breeders and have a very fast gestation period of only 20 to 24 days. We provide residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area a protection plan that is second to none. It’s very important to take a comprehensive approach to eliminate these little critters.

Our Rodent elimination solution:

We use only the most effective systems available to eradicate any rodent population on or inside of your property. It’s very important to use multiple techniques in eliminating rodents. Often times baiting stations are excellent in protecting your property from rodents. The bait that we use in our stations is a dehydrating system which causes the rodents to go outside of your home and die. Traps, as well as sealing points of entry, are important in the process as well. Once again it’s very important to have a trained technician that cares about coming up with a custom plan that will work best for your home or business. You can be sure we will take whatever time necessary to carefully plan what needs to be done to keep your property free from rodents. CLICK HERE to learn more.

THE SNIPER GUARANTEE: Sniper offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. If you’re not completely happy with our services, we will continue to make adjustments until you are satisfied or we will refund the cost of your last service.

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