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I want to share a little bit with you today about bait boxes – preventative Fort Worth rodent control. If you’re ever going to do this yourself, you want to make sure you’re using rubber gloves to avoid exposure and decrease how much of your scent will be on the box or trap. This particular box is called Aegus. It has kind of a low profile and does a good job of allowing the rodents in, but keeping pets and children away from the poison. You want to make sure the poison is secure with some kind of mechanism to hold it in place in case it gets turned over.

We don’t use this or recommend this type of bait box typically, because there are some better ones out there. For example, on the same property is a protective evo express, which is a lot better construction with concrete inside to hold the box in place with a good lock and holds four baits in there.

Another feature we like about this box, is that you can put a trap, which would normally be the reason you use the box. This box will house the poison as well as the trap to be a stronger force against the rodents. If you have any questions or concerns about rodents in your house, contact us today.

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