Questions to Ask a Termite Exterminator

When it comes to exterminating termites, you ought to get a professional exterminator to get the job done. In this case, hiring an exterminator for your termite infestation is the smart thing to do, but there are a lot of questions to ask termite exterminator.

Listed here are many the of commonly asked questions people frequently inquire when hiring an exterminator. Be sure to look out for all sorts of underlying factors when considering which pest control business will provide the most quality work for your residential or commercial area.

What attracts termites

Termites love wood, so if a house is filled with wood, the likelihood of termites visiting and chewing the woodworks is very high. However, wood in and of itself isn’t the sole reason why termites infest the house. Instead, the moisture that softens the wood is how termites can chew on the grain so easily.

In colder climates, moist air seems to be more ubiquitous, and because of that, termites come and chew on them easier which can tarnish the wood and have an infestation in your house.

How to avoid termites from coming

To avoid termites, all you need to do is clean the house and wipe all the moisture out of the wood every 6 hours. Usually, moisture really dampens at around the 24-48 hour mark. Therefore, cleaning once or twice a day should be enough to keep them away.

When to call an exterminator?

When the infestation is too large to handle and it is affecting your life, then better call an exterminator. The worst that can happen is them biting at you which can hurt your skin and have foul follicles after every bite.

How much is an exterminator?

Depending on the company, it can range from $150-$300. It also depends on the damages and the size of the infestation which can contribute to the cost as well. However, the value is there and when the circumstances call for exterminators, they will do the job a hundred percent.

Are termites deadly?

One single termite shouldn’t be a problem, but if there are thousands of them, then it may be deadly to pets and young children. It’s important to always make the effort of exterminating them as they can be deadly to your furniture and woodworks that can be expensive to replace.

How Sniper Termite and Pest LLC can Help

Whenever you want to learn more about termites, don’t hesitate to ask a termite exterminator in order for you to solve whatever issues you are facing. Let our seasoned termite professionals help you with any termite extermination that’s needed.

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