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Norway Rat Exterminators Near Me

Rats and mice will leave signs, and you’ll know

when they are inside your house. Norway rats are

no different cause these rats will also leave

droppings behind, and you’ll see shiny black,

half-inch long feces around your home.

Norway rats will also have more substantial

chew marks as compared to smaller rats. They

will gnaw on wood, drywall, doors, cabinets, and



These rats also leave a musky and terrible odor that

you can’t rid of even if you open the windows.

There are ways to show if you have a rat infestation on your property, but how do you rid your house of these pesky invaders?

Don’t panic, but think of ways to fight off these pests, and outsmart them. It is not simple, so you need to brace yourself.


If there are rodents in your home, it means there is available food for them to feed. It can be an open container of cereals, stored snacks inside the cupboard, even pet foods. Norway rats will feed on anything, including nuts, fruits, cereals, rice, and anything they can munch on.



There is a refillable bait station used for larger rats. Once the rats feed on this bait, they will return to their nest and die a few days later.

Choose a spot where the bait will not be moved by people passing through or will not be tampered with by a child or a pet.

Mechanical traps are for people who like to see proof that it has trapped a rat. Choose traps depending on the size of the rats that have invaded your home.


It is the safest, fastest, and cost-effective way to rid of Norway rat problems. Licensed exterminators are the go-to of homeowners who don’t have the patience nor the time and skills to exterminate these nuisances.

Baits, traps, and poison may not be effective, especially if the infestation is already at the advanced stage.

Professional exterminators will develop a successful plan to eradicate the rodents, starting with gauging how far off the infestation is.

Norway rats can breed all year long, and this will be a sign that they will highly infest your house after some time.

Licensed exterminators will make sure that they rid your house of these rodents, and they will also advise on how you can keep rats away for good.

Working with them will help solve the issues in no time.

Rat proofing your house will help to keep them from returning. It will include inspecting their entry points and keeping these points sealed. Removing smelly trash in the yard is another. Sanitizing the surrounding will help. Clean the entire house and make this a regular practice.

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