Methods of Pest Control Servicing

Pest not only damages your property but also damages your health too. Do you take it easily without any control measures? If so, you will have to face serious consequences in your life. Hence, contacting Pest Control Service firm is a must for you without any delay. Depends on your issues, the pest control firm has different Methods of Pest Control Services.

Let us see those methods in depth.

The Methods of Pest Control Servicing are

Biological pest control

This method is a modern control measure followed by pest control companies. Reducing pests in a place without any damage to the environment is the significance of biological pest control. The mosquitoes issue is reduced by putting bacteria in the water. This method is focused on killing a pest without affecting nature. Biological pest control is an effective measure in the Agriculture field.

physical pest control

Insects and rodents are the major pests of humans. These pests are controlled by mechanical pest control methods widely followed by pest control firms. Poisoned bait is a major rodent killing measure followed by the pest companies. Not only rats, but also cockroaches, mice, snails, and birds are controlled using poisonous bait. In this process, pests are removed mechanically and killed by the service professionals.

Fumigation: The pests are killed by liquid insecticide application is called fumigation. The pests like wood-boring beetles are killed by covering it with a closed tent and fumigating. However, this task requires an extended time to reduce the pests.

Sterilization: In this technique, the pest population is minimized by the sterile individual's release.

Insulation: This pest control measure is taken to control ants, cockroaches, and termites. In this process, impregnation of pesticides into the paper fibers for killing the self-grooming pests is the technique.

Trap cropping

Plating an alternative crop for attracting the pest that affects the main crop is the main goal of trap cropping. Farmers usually practice trap cropping instead of applying pesticides in their fields.


Using pesticides for killing the pest is another method of pest control methods. The pesticides come in spray, and it is applied on pests that affect the property of crops.

Field burning method

Farmers burn their agricultural fields completely to destroy pests and their eggs in the field.

The pest control service involves three techniques majorly. They are

Pest Extermination

Pest Removal

Pest prevention


The above Methods of Pest Control are widely followed by individuals and pest control companies,

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