How to Get Rid of Roaches for Good

Are you struggling to get rid of roaches in your home? Unfortunately, this tends to be a common problem among many homes. Cockroaches are among the most common household pests. It is essential to know which type of roaches you are dealing with to get rid of them effectively. Below is a short guide on how to get rid of roaches for good.

1. Store-Bought Traps

Traps found in supermarkets or home improvement stores are one of the highly effective methods for eliminating roaches. The trap uses a scent or bait to attract cockroaches. Once they interact with these traps, the roaches get stuck and trapped. Ensure you check the trap periodically for dead roaches.

2. Liquid Concentrates

Liquid concentrates available in stores are also viable options for eliminating cockroaches. Once diluted, this liquid is sprayed into crevices and cracks and different areas where roaches love to hide. In addition, you can clean counters and mop the floor using this solution.

3. Store-Bought Baits

Using store-bought baits is also one of the most prevalent methods to get rid of roaches. Chemical baits disguise insecticides as food sources for roaches. Cockroaches feed on the insecticide and eventually die. Place store-bought chemical baits underneath sinks and cabinets in bathrooms and kitchens as well as near garbage cans.

4. Use Caulk to Close Gaps

Traps may help you identify where cockroaches are traveling and capture some to reduce their population. However, they may not entirely eliminate cockroaches on the outside attempting to get in. Use caulk or sealant to block possible entry points, including openings around faucets and gaps between tiles and walls. Using weather stripping on window seals and doors.

5. Step Out Glue Strips

You can put up glue strips to monitor roach infestation in areas you suspect high roach activity, for example, behind toilets and between the floor and your refrigerator. The more roaches are trapped, the more they are eliminated.

6. Clean Your Home

Roaches are attracted to dirt and filth since they are constantly looking for food sources. Therefore, the easiest way to permanently eliminate roaches is to ensure your home is clean. Use expert-recommended solutions and detergents to increase effectiveness.


Cockroaches tend to breed in hidden grounds and spaces in your house. As such, focus your efforts on such spots to reduce breeding once and for all. However, if neither of these methods seems to work, hire a pest control company for a more effective pest elimination process. Sniper Termite & Pest LLC uses techniques, tools, and high-quality solutions to help you get rid of roaches.

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