How do Subterranean Termites get into a Home?

Subterranean termites are one of the major termite groups alongside drywood and dampwood termites. The following are factors used to identify them:

Alates (swarmers): They are black to dark brown in color. Alate’s size is approximately ¼ – inch long and has two pairs of wings.

Soldiers: They have large mandibles (jaws) and no wings. In color, they are creamy-white, however, their heads can be brownish in color. Their role is to defend the termite colony.

Workers: They have no wings, are cream-colored and their size is approximately ¼ inch or even less in length.

Damaged wood: Because of the fact that subterranean termites tend to build the nests underground, damaged wood typically has the accumulation of both mud and soil within tunnels of wood that termites are eating. Since the only thing they eat is the softwood, you can expect to see some damaged, layered wood, which is the result of them not eating a hardwood portion.

Location of a nest: In the majority of cases, you can find the nest below ground. However, you can find them above ground as well when adequate moisture conditions are available for supporting the nest.

Damage Subterranean Termites Cause

Not only do subterranean termites cause a couple of billions of dollars of structural damage every year, but they eat various paper products, especially books, cellulose-based products, and some other plant-based goods as well. Furthermore, the colonies with several egg-laying females have the potential to make their nests grow quickly, containing hundreds or thousands of members. Since pests tend to infest homes for years without being detected, responding to warning signs the moment you notice them is a necessary step to take for preventing any more damage. The most common signs you can look for include damaged wood, mud tubes, and the presence of winged swarmers.

How Do Termites Enter and Infest Your Home

Subterranean termites live in the soil around and beneath homes which can usually enter by constructing the mud tubes from ground to wood they infest or through the wood touching ground. Other paths these insects may use to infest a home are cracks in foundations and concrete walls which are made of hollow blocks.

How to get rid of Subterranean Termites

The best thing you can do is to contact the pest control company. Getting help from qualified professionals can ensure that you will successfully get rid of these insects and all the problems they cause.

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