German Roaches

One of the many pests that can invade your home includes German roaches. These are the type of cockroaches that are smaller in size compared to the American roaches and has a light brown coloring.

You will notice their existence once you smell a musty smell under the sink, in the bathroom, cabinets, or at any cracks on the walls or small tears in your house.

If you can’t detect any smell in your house because of the air freshener you are using, you will know if you have a roach infestation if you spot their feces behind the fridge, stove, cupboards, or any other food storage. Their eggs that look like brown casings with oblong shapes will also be visible.

You need not panic if you find these horrors inside your house cause you have ways of removing them as long as you are bent on following the steps you require to make these pests disappear.


Any access to food or water will keep these roaches alive, so check any food spills or droppings on the floor cause this may be the way they are feeding themselves. Ensure that there is no wet surface in your kitchen, dining, or anywhere else in the house.

Secure that you have checked all the spots, hidden or visible, and clean them as much as you can.


Roaches would like a place where they will be safe and scurry in the dark and feed when there is no one around.

If there is any entryway from the outside, you need to close it all off.

Investigate the other entry points, such as the sides of the window, leaking pipes, spaces under the doorway, among others.


The simplest way to attract many pests to your property is to have a dirty and disorderly garbage disposal method. When there are pieces of food on the floor, and it drenched the section in garbage fluid, you are attracting not just roaches but other pests, as well.

Keep your garbage tightly closed, neat, and in order.


There are pest control companies that are reputable and will make things simpler for you.

They will know where to look, will know what formula to use, and will also maintain your property to ensure that these roaches will no longer come back.

Professional pest control companies will also help you become stress-free cause you no longer need to worry while you let the team handle the removal of the annoyances.

If you let the professional handle the situation, there is no risk of hit or miss, and you are getting more for your money.

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