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The holidays are upon us – fall is here and winter is just around the corner. While there are many joys associated with this time of year, you may also find more problems with pesky creatures entering your home.

There are several factors that contribute to your rodent situation to consider when preparing your home for rodent control.

Property Condition

Cluttering of your home and yard may contribute to an increase in rodents inside your home. If your home is stacked with items in your garage, basement, or attic, you create a warm, dark center for rodents to hide. Examining the outside of your home for cracks and holes allows you to identify entry-points that may be small, but never too small for rodents to squeeze in.


Maintain your lawn during the fall and winter by keeping leaf piles and other debris over a foot away from your home. Additionally, the landscaping in your home may be contributing to the accessibility of your home to these creatures. Large or overgrown bushes closer than 8 inches to the house, weeds, tall grass, and leaf piles close to the home allow rodents to hide and move swiftly as they approach and enter your home.

General Environment

The general environment in which your home resides may play a significant role in the susceptibility for rodents to enter. In humid and cooler climates, as we often see this time of year in North Texas, the appliances throughout your home transfer warm air from inside. Each vent, crack, or opening from the outside of your home that gives off heat attracts a variety of rodents looking for warmth. A good tip is to keep vents connected to your home covered properly to keep rodents out during the cool and rainy temperatures.

Season Of Year

Fall and winter are the seasons that we find the most rodents inside of homes. This is because the rodents are making a desperate attempt to get out of the cold. The closer they get to your home, the more they can sense the warmer temperature from inside the home.

Most of the heat rodents sense is seeping out of door frames, windows, and any other tiny gaps within the home. On top of that, rodents are known for their ability to sneak through small opens.

  • Do you suspect rodents in your home? Our Fort Worth pest control offers a variety of preventative options to help you take action:
    Detailed inspection and assessment of property strengths and weaknesses
  • Consultation and customization for the right plan to meet individual needs
  • Exclusion work, on the spot
  • Trapping, both full service and assisted
  • Variety of Rodent Baiting using State of the Art Bait Stations

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