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Exterior Structure Inspections

Exterior Structure Inspections

Often, people look past the perimeter of their structures for Fort Worth pest control, which is the first line of defense. The perimeter of your structure really needs to be looked at closely by a professional or someone who knows what they’re doing. If you don’t have all of your cracks and crevices sealed, it could be allowing insects in, causing problems inside of the structure. In some cases, infestations.

For example, anywhere there’s a material change from a door to a brick siding or up top where the soffit meets the siding/brick (anywhere two materials touch), or down on the ground can potentially leave a crack which would allow insects entry.]

In the video above, you will find an example of a builder who went to great lengths to prohibit pest entry. Between the brick and door frame, every crack is sealed securely. Where the utilities come out, the builder used some great materials and methods to make sure there are no gaps. In some cases, you’ll find gaps that are allowing even large rodents to enter. You’ll be surprised at some of the cracks you’ll find on some structures.

Often, you aren’t addressing these areas, you’ll find a variety of pests getting in. If you suspect pests are making their way in from the exterior of your structure, give us a call.

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