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Does Having Mice Mean Your House is Dirty?

Rats and mice are attracted to a house that fulfills

its needs for shelter, food, and moisture. Rodents

are opportunists and if they can find a way into a

house, they'll surely take advantage of it.

It's important to note that having a clean house

does not mean that you won't get rodents inside.

As long as there is a way into the house, food to

eat, and moisture to satisfy their thirst, rodents

can always be present. There are a number of

factors that attract rodents to a house and these

factors can be present in the cleanest homes.

For example, you may have a dish of pet food sitting in the kitchen, ready for your pet to enjoy. A rodent can come along and take advantage of this if it's laid out for them. Perhaps you've left some food out on your worktop in the kitchen, or in an insecure cabinet. This is always an open invitation for rodents. Even in the cleanest of homes mice can make an entrance.

Rodents really prefer to operate undetected and they like places where they can easily hide when they hear you coming. Cluttered areas like closets, pantries and storage areas are very attractive to them. Storing your items in a neat and organized way can cut down the number of hiding places in your home.

Prevent Rodents from Entering your home

There are several ways that you might be inadvertently attracting rodents to try and enter your home. Rodents are going to take the easiest way into your home. If your walls have holes and gaps, they will take full advantage of them to enter into your house.


If you have fruits and vegetables growing in your garden, they will look upon this as their own private food store, and more rodents will be attracted to your garden. Once established in your garden, a few will start exploring to see what is inside. Trashcans in the garden should be secure as they too can help to increase the garden population of rodents.

Place some traps outside to try and keep this population down as your first line of defense. Additionally, rodents are terrified of cats. Having one or two cats is also a great deterrent and will probably make them feel there are better places to be.

Of course, however hard you try, a rodent infestation

can occur. If you are becoming concerned about the

problem, a quick call to a specialist can resolve the

problem. With our seasoned rodent control

professionals at Sniper Termite and Pest LLC, you can

have the assurance that no rodents will ever make

their way into your home ever again. You don't have to

worry about what people will think on if your house is

dirty, professionals know that the cleanest of homes

can also have a problem.

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