Basically Arlington is a city located in the state of Texas, United States of America. Specifically this city is located in Tarrant County. In the census conducted in 2010 this city had a population of 365,438 inhabitants.

Actually in Arlington you can find different very popular places. In this city is located the stadium called “Ameriquest Field” (home of the Texas Rangers), the AT&T Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys), and the Cotton Bowl. The closest cities to Arlington are the following: Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Fort Worth, Pantego, and Dallas.

Short History of Arlington
Arlington was specifically founded in the year 1876 in Texas. Of course, with time the population of this city was increasing, and the city became very famous. In the year 1884 this city was called “The center of good soil”, because the soil of this city was very good for growing any kind of seed.

Then, years later, the city already had an excellent drinking water system for the entire population. And not only that, in 1910 this city had telephone service and several public schools. In 1945 the population was 3,031 inhabitants.

Also, in the year 1945 many companies and industries were created in this city. This was excellent news, because all these industries generated a lot of employment. And finally, in the year 1961 the baseball team called “Texas Rangers” settled in this city.

Sports and Entertainment
As previously mentioned, Arlington is the home of the Texas Rangers baseball team. But not only that, this city is currently the new home of the Dallas Cowboys after the construction of the AT&T Stadium, finished in 2009.

Of course, this city has an excellent culture and offers a very good entertainment to all the population. That’s not all, because this city has several entertainment centers such as “Six Flags Over Texas”. In fact, in 2016 a WWE event was held in that center.

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