Arid-Land Subterranean Termite Identification

There are many species of termites that could be in your home. The Arid-Land Subterranean termites are no exception. Many termites look similar, however there are certain distinguishing characteristics about this particular termite. The Arid-Land Subterranean termites can be found in places that are warm from the sun and have little water. They can be located in the United States from Indiana to all the way to south Texas. The males and females reproduce by leaving the original colony. Upon landing on the ground, the male and female Arid-Land Subterranean termites mate and then look for a warm place in which to hide their colony. The queen then begins to lay her eggs.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

When you are investigating if you have termites in your home, look for these signs. They include: swarming termites, wings that have been shed around the windows, doors and places where the wood has been weakened and is beginning to peel off.

Diet and Habits of Termites

The worker termites consume wood. They also eat living trees, animal manure, brush, cut wood and dead tree limbs. They are much less damaging to houses than other species of termites. They regularly attack greasewood and creosote but if there is a limited supply, they have also been known to attack other types of structures.

Treatment for Arid-Land Subterranean Termites

Termites cost Americans about five billion dollars per year with treatment and other servicing to homes across America. Preventing their damage is an exact science that is difficult. The best way to destroy termites is to call a trusted professional who can come in and treat your home. This makes sure that you do not have to worry about them rotting your wood in your home ever gain. While significant costs are expected, there is nothing better for protecting your home. You may have to do annual servicing if the problem is recurring.

Remember to do your homework. If you live climates where there is snow, then you may not have to worry about Arid-Land subterranean termites in your home. Remember to choose a professional technician who will come in, do a thorough assessment around the woods in your home and then recommend a plan for alleviating them. Also remember to look at client satisfaction for any termite company that you choose. If you need a trusted and professional pest control business to fix or prevent any termite problems, be sure to contact Sniper Termite and Pest LLC in Fort Worth, TX today.

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