Are Cockroaches a Sign of a Dirty House?

While the initial thought may be that spotting roaches in a home may indicate that it is a dirty home, that’s not always the case. As a matter of fact, there are indeed instances where a perfectly clean home can still have a roach problem. Roaches tend to migrate indoors to get out of the elements and the weather, while they search for food. Even a clean and spotless home can potentially result in a roach problem. Working with a trusted pest control company is the best way to prevent this situation from ever happening in the first place.

Cockroaches are attracted to food​

Conversely, homes that are exceedingly dirty or have food on the floor or behind counters can attract roaches more quickly than would be the case in a clean home. Homeowner should take the time to make sure that food is always sealed, in containers, in the refrigerator or in places where pests cannot access it. Roaches as with other types of insects and pests are simply looking for food and will easily be attracted to food that is easily accessible. Always make it hard for pests to invade your home by keeping the house clean and free of exposed food as well as even liquids like soda and other sweet items.

Preventing Infestation from roaches

Answering the question, are roaches a sign of a dirty home, really comes down to the specific home in question. For example, another consideration is that of how well the home is sealed. If there are cracks in the entry doors and windows, it makes it easier for pests to enter. Having a complete assessment of your home for any entry points for pests is one of the first steps in preventing infestation. Even larger roaches can find their way through very small entry points. Work with a contractor and a pest control company near you to make sure that all entry points are sealed and that your home is properly treated for pest prevention.

Sniper Pest Control can provide a Disease Free Environment

Consider these simple yet important strategies as a way to keep your home clean, safe and free of insects. This will help not only ensure a disease free environment but also make it a happy place to live. Also keep in mind that when pests are allowed to run free in a home, it can even attract bigger critters like mice and rats. Take all steps necessary to keep your home free of pests and small critters by working with a trusted and reliable name in professional pest control services.

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