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Small Ants Cause Enormous Problems

If you have been experiencing a problem with ants, then you truly do need professional ant control. Though ants are noted as being small in size, these pesky creatures can cause problems that are truly enormous. The truth is that they can cause more than twenty million dollars in damage to properties to homeowners each year.

Ignoring Current Ants Can Lead to More​

If ants get into your home or business via cracks that are tiny, they put out a scent along the way, which will permit more ants in the future to come along as well. This is based on the reality that the scent acts as a way to direct the ants to the food. The trail typically commences at the site of a nest of ants.

Structural Damage to Your Home

​If the ants tend to make nests outside of your home or property, this can result in extensive damage to gardens, lawns and other ares. When ants are inside your home or business, they can hide in the foundation of the home or building or in the walls of the home or building. When this is the case, they can cause a vast amount of damage to the structure of the home or building as a result of chewing on electrical cables, insulation as well as wood.

Stings and Diseases

​What’s really bad is that there exist some types of ants that are capable of inflicting painful stings. The venom of these types of ants can cause some individuals to experience inflammation of the skin and they can further develop headaches along with cramping.

Then there are some types of ants that are considered to be relatively dangerous, due to the fact that they actively spread a wide array of diseases. Such diseases are noted as taking into inclusion staphylococcus, salmonella and even clostridium, which can lead to the eventual onset of botulism.


It cannot be denied that these pests do not look good crawling around your home or business. That will make people want to stay away from your home or business. But when you contact us as the highly experienced professionals, we can provide the kind of ant control that you need.

Are Store Remedies Efficient as We Think?

While you may be inclined to rely on the ant control treatments that you can get at a store yourself, the reality is that these remedies only address the ants that you notice are visible. But the ants really are an infection that is hiding in many parts of your home or building that you cannot see. That is why when you contact us for professional ant control services, you will have the peace of mind that we can address the ants that you cannot see. This is due to the fact that we truly know here to treat your home and building to prevent any future infections. Thus, ants will be prevented from invading your home or business any further.

When It's Just a Few Ants

​Even when you notice just a few ants, you shouldn’t delay in calling us for professional ant control. This is based on the stark reality that there are some colonies of ants that can multiply in great numbers at a fast pace. When your ant population is extremely large, it becomes a much more difficult process to eliminate the ants. Though we are sure we can eradicate your ants, it will take more time and will cost you more when you do not contact us to address the problem as soon as you see the first few ants.

Certified Pest Exterminator with Weekend Servicing

Professional and High Level of Expertise

When our customers call us about their ant problems, we take those problems seriously. We know that customers are worried and want the ants gone as soon as possible. That is why we are pleased to address all ant problems of our customers as soon as possible in a quick and professional manner with a high level of expertise. We have many years of professional experience in handling extensive ant problems. We are confident about doing all ant control jobs to the fullest of satisfaction and are happy when our customers are relieved when they have no more ants.

Thorough Inspection

When you call us about your ant problem, we do a thorough inspection of your property in order to know what kind of ants we are dealing with. Then we are able to implement the right kind of solution in order to eradicate the ants. Also, we investigate to see what is drawing ants to your home, building or yard in order to eliminate that source as well. Contact us today to for top quality ant control.

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