5 Signs of Mice in Your Home

Rat infestation in your domestic or commercial property can be absolutely worrisome regarding the diseases they transmit and the costly damage they can inflict on your property. Sadly, many homeowners become victims of rat invasion during the winter months without their notice.

Prevention is the key if you’re to save your home from an expensive and disastrous rat infestation. Identifying the presence of rats in your home sooner rather than later can help get rid of these irritants before they can proliferate.

With that in mind, below are 5 signs of mice in your home.

Does Foul Odor Mean Mice in the Home?​

A pungent, musky smell across the home is one indicator of rats’ presence that many homeowners notice. When rats infest a home, they cause a significant mess, scattering droppings and urine throughout the nest site and its surrounding areas. To aggravate the matter, when a rat is close to dying, it will mainly move into the farthest corners of your house to die individually, sparking the odor of its remains. And as a result of these elements, homes enduring rat infestation typically have a heavy, strong, musky smell all over.

Rat Droppings in Your Home

The most notable indicator of a rat infestation is the droppings they leave in the various parts of the home. Often, rat droppings are found close to the nest site. Also, rat droppings can be spotted on the trails as both black and brown rats poop while moving. The droppings are small in size and, to a great extent, mirror rice grains.

Does Damaged Food Packaging Mean Mice?

Search for food and shelter is one of the primary reasons rats break into a home. During the colder months, rats and other rodents are naturally drawn to homes searching for food and warmth due to their scarcity in the wilderness. And once they have made a breakthrough into your home, restraining them from eating won’t be easy.

Rats are infamous for breaking into packaged foodstuffs using their strong gnawing teeth to tear apart plastic sealants to get into food substances. Although they won’t consume all the foodstuffs they come across, anything they tamper with will be rendered inedible or unhealthy for consumption. This is because they tend to spread germs and diseases, which can pose a danger to your health.

So, check all the food packaging in the pantry to identify any signs of holes or area where they may have chewed, and move the foodstuffs to pest-proof apparatus as a precautionary measure.

What do Mice Holes Look Like?

Rats, especially brown ones, are renowned for making holes and excavating broad burrow systems for nesting, shelter, and food storage. Rat burrows are mainly found close to solid structures or objects. Hence, if you spot rat holes in your house, this could be a sign of rat infestation.

Why do I hear scratching noises in my house?​

Black rats, popularly known as roof rats, are agile climbers. They are mainly found in lofts, and that’s why you may probably hear scratching noises during the night. Brown rats are known for making grinding noise using their teeth. So, if you keep hearing scratching noises in your home, there is a likelihood of rat infestation into your house.

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