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Why We Stand Out Above
Other Pest Control Companies

In the two decades, we’ve been serving the Dallas Fort Worth Area, we’ve worked hard to set our standards higher than those of other pest control companies. We are dedicated to offering our customers not only effective, cutting-edge solutions to the insect problems that nearly every North Central Texas building faces at some point, but also the most professional and friendly customer care.

Because we are a local, family-owned-and-operated company, we care about the community we serve. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your pest-free home or office, which is why we completely guarantee our work: if our pest elimination is not completely effective, we will give you your money back. Our extensive experience with local North Central Texas insects, spiders, mice, and scorpions has equipped us to understand which elimination methods are completely effective with each type of pest.

Additionally, our team is continually seeking further education on the latest, most effective methods and products for eliminating the pests we face in our area. This is our home town, so we want our success rate to be 100%. We know we’re the company locals trust most, and we know staying on the frontier of this dynamic, evolving sector is a key component of meeting our goal.

We are deeply invested in our workforce; you may be assured that every representative of Pest Control Fort Worth has been carefully chosen, thoroughly trained and shaped to our ethics and standards, and educated on an ongoing basis.

Let’s talk about your pest problem. We know how it happens: you notice the first signs of an invasion, and you want the best pest control company in Fort Worth to come as quickly as possible and “get rid of them!” Having any kind of pest in your home is unsettling and even upsetting. That’s yet another reason why we believe that choosing a local pest control company is so important: we’re nearby, we’re incredibly responsive, and we will thoroughly inspect your home, office, apartment building, farm, log cabin, or detention center for every sign of pests.

We will examine your structure from top to foundation, with additional attention to the most common access points: windows, doors, ventilation networks, cracks, exterior garage doors, and plumbing systems. Once our inspection is complete, we will offer you a detailed, easy-to-understand explanation of your situation, including our customized plan for completely eliminating any and all pests that have gained entry.

Our first priority when we design our approach is protecting the health of the people who occupy the building. Whether you’re a parent concerned for the health of your family and pets or a business owner who wants to protect your employees and customers, we will take the time to carefully explain the measures we will take to ensure that there is absolutely no health risk to them.

Our concern for the safety of our community is both professional and personal; while a focus on safety has clearly been vital to our success, it’s also in our best interest to make sure that any restaurant, office, apartment building, hotel, or home that we might visit is safe for our families, and for us, too.


Now, it’s possible that down the line, after our treatment has worn off, you might face another attempted invasion. That’s why we offer a year-long service agreement that ensures a prompt, effective visit to your location free of charge. There’s no cap on the number of times we’ll come over to eliminate pests.

We also offer revisions to our tiered agreement plans with no extra fees or penalties. If you aren’t sure which level of care is appropriate for your situation, of course, we are happy to offer you our best, educated opinion, but we understand that as you gain a better understanding of the types of pests you’re dealing with, you may decide that you require more or less from your agreement than you had originally thought.

We want you to feel free to let us know if your agreement is not meeting your needs for any reason so that we can amend it as quickly and simply as possible. For us, your satisfaction is second only to your safety; we aren’t happy if you aren’t happy.

Our tiered service plans are available at three different levels, each of which is best for different types of pest control situations.

Our Standard Service is our most popular level of care, especially for clients who are just beginning their battle with pests. The Standard Service includes a detailed inspection of each of the following areas:

  • Front and back yard

  • Trees, shrubs, and flowers

  • Outside perimeter

  • Foundation

  • Interior

  • Attic

  • Garage and garage door seal

  • Windows and door seals

  • Water heater room

  • Watering areas

Once we’ve completed our inspection, we will cover and treat any holes on your home’s exterior walls and foundation, since these points are the most likely access points for invaders. Our goal is to inform you of every area that could cause future problems with rodents or pests and treat them all. We carefully scan every square inch of your yard and foundation to catch any and all pests before they have the opportunity to enter your home.

Additionally, we will inspect every nook and cranny in your home’s interior. Usual targets for pests include your pantry, behind appliances, inside closets, and plumbing systems.

Once we’ve talked with you in detail about our treatment plan, we will also provide you with the tools you’ll need to keep the invaders at bay as time goes on. This approach cuts back on future visits, which will hopefully keep you completely protected at our Standard Service level.

If your situation ends up being more complicated, we offer our Standard Service with Pro Guard. With this affordable plan, there are no charges for repeat visits for the duration of one full year. Our work will be warrantied for one full year instead of the standard 60 days, guaranteeing you full protection from all Texas insects.

For the home or business owner who wants complete protection from any and all potential invaders, we have created our VIP Treatment. This comprehensive level of care offers full protection from each of these nasty critters:

Carpenter Ants
Odorous Ants
Pharaoh Ants
Argentine black red Ants
Fire red Ants
House black Ants
Indian Meal Moths
Brown Recluse Spider
Black Widow
All Spiders

Regardless of how simple or complex your pest challenges may be, Pest Control Fort Worth wants to solve them for you. Your search is over; you’ve found the pest control company you can trust. Give us a call at (817) 484-0395. Let’s take your home back.

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