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The Best Family-Run Local Pest Control Company

At Sniper Termite and Pest Control, we are dedicated to being the best local pest control company in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Because we are a family-owned, local company, we take our work personally. Since our company’s founding in 2014, our motto has been “Family - not franchise!” We remain dedicated to presenting our clients with effective, cutting-edge pest control technologies while remaining respectful of the budgetary concerns that most of us must keep in mind.

Our status as a local, family-operated company means we are personally invested in the community we serve. We want our clients to be able to relax and enjoy their pest-free homes, offices, restaurants, or other properties. With that goal in mind, we offer inspections absolutely free of charge. If you’re concerned about possible pest activity, let us perform a thorough inspection. Our methods will uncover even the smallest signs of pest invasion.

Once we have a clear understanding of your pest situation, we will carefully explain how we plan to eliminate the pest population. We know how unsettling and upsetting it is to have these little invaders marching through your walls or plumbing, but we can take care of your pest problem in no time. Whether you’re dealing with mice, spiders, scorpions, termites, fleas, bed bugs, or ants, Sniper Termite & Pest Control has cutting-edge, affordable, and (most importantly) safe elimination options that will restore your home or office as well as your peace of mind.

Unlike other pest control companies, Sniper Termite & Pest Control will never try to sell you additional “Termite Protection” plans once we have completed our state-of-the-art treatment sessions on your property.


The products and methods that we employ during our standard service offer each client more than a full decade guaranteed to be completely pest-free. Our ethics and dedication to the community mean we would never try to take our clients’ hard-earned money by selling them services we know they will never need.

We are dedicated to you — not invested in taking you for as much cash as we can.

What should you expect when we arrive to help you with a pest problem? First, know that when you call us to come to take a look at your property, we will respond promptly. Upon arrival at your location, we will thoroughly inspect your structure from roof to foundation, paying attention to the access points pests target most: ventilation networks, cracks in the walls and foundation, windows, doors, garage doors, and plumbing systems.

As we share the results of our inspection with you, we’ll explain our elimination approach. Our first priority will always be protecting the occupants of your structure. Our clients, especially those who have children and pets, often express concern regarding whether or not our methods and products can cause harm to their loved ones. Rest assured: safety is our priority.

Our focus on safety extends into the broader Dallas Fort Worth community; we are both professionally and personally invested here. While our dedication to safe, effective pest elimination has been central to our success as a business, it’s also in our best personal interest to help ensure our own safety when we visit and patronize the many restaurants, offices, and other professional buildings in the area, as well. We live here; we want to enjoy healthy, pest-free living just as much as you do.

We are frequently asked what the benefits are of scheduling regular pest control treatments. Sometimes clients are hesitant to invest in regular pest control plans because they do initially require a financial investment. However, when compared to the cost of repairing destruction pests can cause in a short period of time (often thousands of dollars), safeguarding your home with a preventive pest defense plan is clearly the budget-conscious choice. Investing in prevention is investing in the structural integrity of your home.

When Sniper Termite & Pest Control addresses a pest problem, we guarantee the safety of you and your loved ones or employees. Though it may seem like a good idea to simply run to the hardware store and pick up a bottle of insect extermination chemicals, you’re not only failing to treat the problem with something that truly works, you’re also probably exposing yourself and others to unsafe chemicals. Let us use professional-grade chemicals in a safe, controlled manner; we can eliminate pests while simultaneously saving you from chemical exposure.

One final note on safety: many of the pests we eliminate most frequently bite and sting. Attempting to get rid of these pests on your own puts you at risk for injury or exposure to diseases that can be quite toxic and potentially deadly. We strongly advise that you stay far away from any type of pest colony or invasion. Let us take care of the problem for you.

Unfortunately, ants, spiders, mice, and fleas are just a few of the pests that are able to squeeze through openings that are as small as a fraction of an inch wide. Our proactive pest control measures consist of a perimeter barrier around your home that is guaranteed to keep all pests at bay. Depending on your preferences, pest situation, and/or budgetary concerns, we offer this property treatment plan on a monthly or quarterly basis. When we have finished inspecting your property, we will give you an honest recommendation regarding which plan will best suit your unique situation.

If you need us in between your scheduled treatments, simply give us a call. We never charge our clients for situations that arise in between their scheduled visits. We want to ensure that our clients are always 100% happy, which is why we will work until you are fully satisfied.

For more information about our protection plans, or to schedule a free inspection, call us at (817) 230-4005. Our friendly, communicative, professional technicians will give you an accurate report regarding your pest situation, ask about your concerns, your preferences, and your budgetary constraints, then create a plan of attack that is customized for your situation. Remember, we won’t settle for less than your complete satisfaction.

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