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Kimbell Art Museum

If you like art or architecture, Kimbell Art Museum may be one of the most important places you can visit in Fort Worth. The museum is an excellent example of modern architecture - many of its walls, as well as ceilings, are made of glass, allowing natural light to enter. The artwork looks very different in the morning and evening light, and many people decide to visit the museum two times so they can enjoy both of these spectacular views.

The collection first started as a private collection of Kay Kimbell, one of the richest entrepreneurs in the area, and his wife who was passionate about art. They focused on artwork from old masters and European artists, that they were purchasing all around the world. Their motto was - Quality before quantity. Kimbell Art Museum is still following that rule, because there are only 350 works of art, which is not a lot in comparison to some other galleries and museums. However, every work of art was carefully selected and Kimbell Art Museum has one of the most impressive old masters collection in this part of the U.S. Did you know that only one of Michelangelo's paintings is exhibited in the Americas (including U.S., Canada, and South American countries)? That painting is The Torment of Saint Anthony and you can see it in Kimbell Art Museum. Another thing that makes it special is that it's the earliest Michelangelo's painting, according to the information available.

Let's just mention some of the artists whose artworks are exhibited here - El Greco, Rembrandt, Monet, Matisse, Picasso, Caravaggio, and many more others. If you want to see paintings by the most famous French and Italian painters but you can't travel to Europe - this is the place where you should go.

But Kimbell Art Museum isn't only about European artists. There are also Asian and African collections, and both of them include decorations, sculptures, and everyday objects from different countries, from China and Nepal to Nigeria. There are also some hidden gems such as Maori figures and Aztec sculptures. The diversity of the Kimbell Art Museum is impressive and you will feel as if you have traveled the world in one day. The best thing is that its collection allows you to travel in time as well, and learn more about how people lived in the past. The only thing you won't find here is modern American art, but don't worry, there is Modern Art Museum nearby.

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