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Fort Worth Water Gardens

The water gardens located in Fort Worth were built in 1974. Precisely these magnificent "works of art" are located at the southern end of the city of Fort Worth, in the state of Texas in the United States of America.

It is important to note that these gardens have 4.3 acres (1.7 hectares), that is, these gardens really occupy a large space. Also, the areas that most attract the attention of the public are the three pools that have these water gardens.

What do the Fort Worth Water Gardens offer?

Really, in this place you can do many outdoor activities. In addition, the "calm" water pools are ideal for meditation. And not only that, this place offers many ways of recreation and relaxation.

The main pool is surrounded by trees and also has a deck. There you can take great photos of yourself, and upload them to your social networks. But, we definitely recommend you to visit this place, because it is a unique experience.

Basically, the Fort Worth Water Gardens is a space dedicated specifically to contact with nature, it is clean, and there are also several water fountains. We recommend that you go with enough time, so you can enjoy a beautiful sunset on an autumn day. Very photogenic.

However, the main attraction of this beautiful place is the active pool. In that pool, thousands of gallons of clean water cascade down several steps into a vortex. Believe it or not, this attraction looks like a scene from a fictional movie. But, this active pool appeared in a movie called "Logan's Run" in 1976.

So, this is an unmissable place to visit alone, with your partner or with your family. Here you can enjoy the hot days with your feet in the water, and you can also listen and relax with the sounds of the water fountains, to read or simply change the atmosphere. On weekends, it becomes a multicultural place, where different ethnic and cultural groups gather to hang out.

Conclusion: The Best Place for Relaxation

As mentioned above, in this place you can relax. You can even meditate. In fact, we recommend you to visit this place together with your family; it is an excellent idea to enjoy this "magical" place together with your family. So, the Fort Worth water gardens really offer great ways to enjoy a sunny day, and if you are a photographer, you will love this place. It is a unique experience.

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