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Fort Worth Stockyards

When you love history, then you will truly enjoy visiting the Fort Worth Stockyards, which are noted as being a historical district. Much of the district was registered with the National Register of Historic Places back in the year of 1976. The Fort Worth Stockyards has been under various forms of ownership since the year of 1866 and now presents a market that had been used for the sale of livestock.

Due to the implementation of the railroads back in the year of 1876, this resulted in the region developing into a livestock center of prime importance. The Fort Worth Stockyard officially commenced offering services in the year of 1890 with the property spanning a coverage of two hundred and six acres. Then the same year, the Fort Worth Dressed Meat and Packing Company began operating on the premises as well. The Fort Worth Stockyards experienced a high level of success and profit as a result of selling more than one million cattle each year. At the Fort Worth Stockyards, hogs, sheep as well as cattle were purchased, sold, as well as slaughtered. It was until the period of the 1950s that the cattle industry was prominent in Fort Worth. But then the business experienced a decline as a result of auctions for livestock being hosted in closer proximity to the farms where the livestock were being raised.

At this present time, you can enjoy some terrific barbeque food at Ricsky’s Barbeque, which is located in the Fort Worth Stockyards. There is also a steakhouse here. It is noted that the Fort Worth Stockyards pays homage to the involvement of Fort Worth within the cattle industry for a long period of time. Thus, the National Register includes forty-six designated buildings. It further includes another structure. The landmarks of the district that are of historical significance according to the Recorder Texas Historic Landmarks are noted as being the Cowtown Coliseum, the entrance sign, the Stockyards Hotel, the Thannisch Block Building along with the Livestock Exchange Building.

When you visit the Fort Worth Stockyards, you can enjoy many shopping and entertainment venues. You will find right at the center of this impressive place M.L. Leddy’s, which is highly reputed for making terrific quality boots. This place is famous as a result of being the last stockyards in the nation, as recorded by the Library of Congress. There has been much remodeling that has been done to this historical site. There are are stables on site that provide the opportunity to rent some horses to enjoy the open trails that meander along the lovely Trinity River. You can also leisurely relax as you enjoy a delightful carriage ride.

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