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Fort Worth Museum of Science and History


The history of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is a fascinating one and it's safe to say that the museum's evolution has been nonetheless fascinating as well. To get a full picture of the museum's history one must start out in 1939 where a council of women in education sought to establish a museum that would facilitate children's learning.

Two years later in 1941, a charter was sought from the State of Texas to establish a children's museum and in 1945, with the assistance of the Fort Worth school board, space was established at De Zavahala Elementary school for a children's museum.

Naturally, the museum continued to grow and grow quickly. In 1947 it was moved to the R.E. Harding House.


The fairly newly established museum continued its growth and yet once again, an even bigger space was needed to accommodate more guests and exhibits and even a planetarium. Thus in 1952 ground was broken for the construction of an even larger facility that would accommodate all the needs of the museum and its young guests.

Construction was swift with the new museum opening its doors in 1954 and then a year later the first planetarium in the region was opened: The Charlie Mary Noble Planetarium where guests could enjoy the wonder of the stars without venturing into the remote wilderness to avoid light pollution.


In 1968 museum management decided that it wanted to make the museum accessible to more than just kids, specifically to adults that didn't have any children. Thus as a first step, the name of the museum was changed to Fort Worth Museum of Science and history. Permanent exhibits of geology, zoology, natural sciences, biology, medicine, computers, art and history were put into place that were geared to all ages.

Names like "Rocks and Fossils", "History of Medicine" and Texas History were all given permanent homes. In 1983 the first Omni/Imax dome theatre was opened which continued the exciting evolution of the museum's history. Further changes were made over time and some of the best world-class travelling exhibits come and go making the museum, in and of itself, world-class. So if you are visiting Fort Worth, the museum is a MUST SEE DESTINATION.


As can be expected, the temporary closure of exhibits to the public is ongoing but some in-person school programs still remain. That being said, the museum is ready to open again once everything is safe.

Check out the museum online though as there are many other online activities and exhibits to seek out and there are daily online activities to celebrate Earth day. Check out the upcoming events and remember that COVID won't last forever, especially with vaccines rolling out.

So if you are planning a trip to Fort Worth down the road, just remember the museum is world-class and you don't want to miss it!

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